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This class is already precorded on telegram, you will gain instant access to the class channel as soon as payment is confirmed.


I am giving you a once in a lifetime opportunity to learn how to make professional and highly effective skincare products that will keep your customers running back to you and bring you maximum profit.

Whether you’re a new skincare entrepreneur confused on how to navigate the skincare industry, or you’re already in the skincare industry and seeking to upgrade your skills, this class is for you!

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course outline

Module 1: Skin Anatomy and Chemistry

  • skin type, identity, and understanding
  • working with skin types
  • understanding skincare ingredients
  • skincare ingredients research
  • understanding ph and ph balancing
  • potency test for skincare products
  • understanding preservatives
  • how to create cosmetic formula from scratch
  • converting formula to recipe
  • product stability testing
  • understanding penetration enhancers
  • understanding skincare practices

Module 2: Emulsions (Creams, Lotions, B0dy milks)

  • understanding the science of emulsions
  • types of emulsions
  • types of emulsifiers
  •  choosing the right emulsifiers
  • structure of emulsifiers
  • moisturizing daily face cream
  • lightening face cream
  • antiaging face cream
  • vitamin c body lotion
  • lightening body lotion
  • moisturizing body lotion
  • exfoliating skin milk
  • skin repair cream
  • satin skin body milk

Module 3: Body Oils and Butter

  • understanding body oils/butters
  • how to choose oils /butters
  • structure of body oils/butters
  • skin fix butter
  • skin repair body oil
  • lightening body oil
  • brightening face oil
  • hydrating body butter
  • whipped body butters
  • emulsified body butter
  • lightening body butter

Module 4: Serums

  • water based serums
  • emulsified serums
  • structure of serums
  • vitamin c serum
  • azelaic acid serum
  • niacinamide serum
  • hydrating serum

Module 5: Cleansers

  • water/gel based cleansers
  • oil based cleansers
  • understanding bar soaps
  • understanding black soap 
  • structures of cleansers
  • understanding surfactants
  • lightening shower gel
  • hydrating shower gel
  • exfoliating shower gel
  • lightening face wash
  • hydrating face wash
  • fruity shower gel
  • fruity face wash
  • foaming face wash
  • different types of bar soaps
  • different types of black soap
  • cleansing balm

Module 6: Scrubs and Chemical exfoliants

  • emulsified scrub
  • oil based scrub
  • gel based scrub
  • chemical exfoliants
  • face scrubs
  • turmeric body scrub
  • coffee body scrub
  • fruity body scrub
  • lavender face scrub
  • honey glazed body scrub
  • herbal body scrub
  • lightening body scrub
  • chemical exfoliants

Module 7: Toners

  • understanding toners
  • structure of toners
  • exfoliating face toner
  • hydrating face toner
  • hydrating face toner
  • depigmenting face toner
  • soothing face toner

Module 8: Face MASK

  • mud mask 
  • jelly face mask
  • sheet mask
  •  pimples face mask
  • hydrating face mask 

Module 9: Stretchmarks

  • understanding stretchmarks
  • the science of stretchmarks
  • causes of stretchmarks
  • techniques to treat stretchmarks
  • stretchmark butter
  • stretchmarks scrub

Module 10: Pigmentation

  • hyperpigmentation
  • hypopigmentation
  • pigmentation in fair skin 
  • pigmentation in dark skin
  • sunburn
  • depigmenting products
  • dark area
  • bleached damaged skin

Module 11: Acne(pimples class)

  •  understanding  acne
  • types of acne
  • acne treatment approach
  • actives for acne
  • acne face cream
  • acne serum
  • body acne therapy
  • acne toner

Module 12: Whitening, Brightening, Lightening

  • demystifying whitening, brightening and lightening
  • formulation procedures for whitening and brightening products
  • dangers of whitening products
  • things to note if you must formulate whitening product

Module 13: Bonus Offer

  • standard skincare practices
  • raw materials sourcing
  • product marketting strategies
  • writing your product label
  • sales closing and customer retention

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student's review

I never liked learning online, but i decided to give it a try and it was the best decision of my life. she breaks down everything to the simplest form and make learning fun and practical, you won't even feel like its an online training. thank you felie mac.
Chiziri Okereke
I had zero idea on anything skincare, but i knew i had a serious passion for it and wanted to be in the field. when i stumbled on your page it was a serious struggle paying due to online scams and trust issues, but i am glad i paid. the value in the class is worth more than the fee.
Mary Joseph
I came to you depressed and frustrated from paying for different classes and still not getting what i want, you assured me that this will be my last bus stop. It wasn't easy but somehow i trusted you, truly this was my last bus stop! you're truly exceptional and know exactly what you're doing. thank you.
Abas Cyril

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This class has already been pre recorded on telegram, you gain instant access to the class as soon as payment is confirmed.

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